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*** This is a PAID job ***
I am looking for a 3D artist capable of creating low poly (between 2000 and 6000) 3D characters for a cartoon/semi-cartoon style video game.

[NOTE: You will be paid upon completion of art assets/3d characters you create for the game. Payment will likely be done via PayPal]

The plan is to create an open world RPG universe set in a medieval-fantasy with a cartoon art style. Worlds will be created at a large scale via procedural generation. Most of the art in the game will be aimed to be low poly and will not focus on super huge detailed textures, for optimal performance. Characters in the game will be played via third person camera. Characters will be customizable. Faces will be designed to allow for animators to animate the face of characters to represent emotions, talking, etc. I can provide much more information via email if you are interested (I don't want to make this job notice into a novel)

Yes. Although all volunteer work is GREATLY appreciated and extremely helpful towards the game's development, I am willing to actually PAY artists and all other developers on the development team of this game in exchange for completed assets for the game. HOWEVER, please note that the budget is not big. I cannot offer money for hourly wages and cannot offer thousands per month. To give an example of what I make with my current part-time job, I earn about $200 a week. I will be using almost all of that earned money to go towards the game's development until the game is presentable enough to present the idea cleanly and professionally to Kickstarter. If the Kickstarter funds, I'll be able to offer more to all developers (including YOU!) for the remainder of the game's development.

- Artist MUST have experience with creating 3D character models
- Artist will be using concept art and other reference images to base character model off of; artist might be allowed to be creative and freely work on certain assets
- Artist MUST create a UV map/mesh to wrap model
- Skype is a must for easy communication; a microphone is not required

- 3D prop & item art asset artist (trees, structures, weapons, etc.)
- Texture Artist (objects, ground textures, sky, items, etc.)
- Animator/Rigger (characters, objects, etc.)

To Apply

Please attach a resume and/or samples of your previous work on characters to your application email and send it to: | You can also contact me on Skype at: craka_j (avatar is a picture of a cartoon face)

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