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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Artists

Posted by Nikos665 on Dec 1st, 2013

Hello currently we are 4 people in my team :

1 story writer
1 Character concept Artist
1 Prop Modeler/texturer
1 C++,C programmer

Plot : North Pole is under Conquest by evil trolls,toys and snowmans!So Santa calls a boy from town to help him!So the player will play as the boy(collin) to free north pole,so the player will discover north pole history and the big war that happened in some decades before!The map will be divided in 3 sections 1.Santa's factory,2.Elf Village,3.Forest.

So we are looking for :

2 Character Artists(Be able to create simple characters paint)
2 Riggers Animators(Be able to communicate with Story writer)
3 Modelers(Be able to create Assets and at least normal maps,diffuse maps,specular maps)
3 Texture Artists(Be able to communicate with Character Artists)
2 Programmers(Be able to program in C++,C if they know to code their own shaders that's a plus)
2 Unity users(Know how to import all of models,animation and generally everything needs to get the game ready)
1 Environment Concept Artist(Be able to produce Environment art and communicate with 3D modelers)

All programs are acceptable if they can export in .OBJ & .FBX

Well if anyone who can do something from the above skills is interested to help us create a funny open world christmas game then send me pm on Skype : nikos6671
The project will not be paid(at least untill we have a finished game and see if it worths)!

Warning : ***There is not need to rush,everyone will have his time and none will push him to produce something amazing in short time,in our team everyone can take his time to do his work,and that's how we want to work!

We created a vote in a site and we got pretty good comments so we think it will be really interesting game!

To Apply

Skpye : Nikos6671