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Mage Fight

Mage Fight is a First Person Shooter set in a dystopian dark fantasy world where wars are fought by ruthless trained battlemages and spellslingers. Those elite fighters utilize various kinds of devastating spells either to annihilate their foes, or to bolster their allies.

The game features plenty of spells divided into various magic schools and we aim to motivate the players to find out which spells work best for them and their team. Furthermore, we implemented a rudimentary experience system, which allows players to become more powerful as a match proceeds. The player fights with a fixed number of spells in each hand, forcing them to choose tactically. The full game will feature diverse game modes on various maps which help the player to delve into the sinister world we created.

The project is powered by the NeoAxis Engine which uses C# as programming language.

Needless to say, this is an ambitious project and we hope to publish it commercially one day - and that is where you come in: To build a stable first base we are looking for motivated

- Coders
- Content Designers
- 2D and 3D Artists
- Sound Artists
- Monkeys with fancy hats

To Apply

For further questions or for applications please feel free to send me a pm.

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