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Posted by on Jun 5th, 2013

We are looking for a Concept Artist for a unique opportunity to get in on the ground level. We are working on a game called Wake Up Call, and we are getting into the pre-alpha stage. I will post a short(ish) description below along with our requirements for the position, but first I want to tell you why you should help us even though we aren't paying (yet).

Here are the primary reasons you should help us out. First, we are not a new team and Wake Up Call is already more than just a concept. Second, we are VERY well organized. Finally, Wake Up Call is focused on story and fleshing out a complete world, rather than the action-oriented set-piece shooters that dominate today's FPS market.

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Wake Up Call has been in development for over two years. In that time, we have finished our pre-production phase, including all story design, gameplay design, etc. That resulted in a 75 page design document (this is still going up) which includes our story-line, back story, key features, AI documentation, and so much more. It is a central document that contains everything you need to know to make Wake Up Call the greatest damn game ever made :D. In all seriousness, this pre-production has set up a great platform for us to develop on top of. This means that we now have an efficient development system that has allowed us to create content quickly. Right now, our code-base is rapidly growing, along with our asset bank. I could give specific numbers, but I would rather get to what makes Wake Up Call a great game.

We use several communication and project management tools to make sure we are all working properly. Included in those tools are a Google Group, asana, and an SVN folder. Needless to say, you can rest assured that we will always be on the same page.

Wake Up Call is a truly unique experience in today's video game market, because we are focusing on story and atmosphere. Those two things are exactly the things most modern shooter campaigns are missing. We are trying to bring a unique story and world to the modern shooter world, using the Unreal Development Kit (Unreal Engine 3) to bring impressive visuals in order to create a more immersive world. Everything we have done is to enhance the quality of our world, our story, and our characters. You can get a few details in the description below, and more if you email us.

Now, here is the short(ish) description of the game's premise (I will share more upon inquiry):

Wake Up Call is a single player, sci-fi stealth-action FPS that has a heavy emphasis on atmosphere, story, and immersive gameplay. The game is set in a post-post-apocalypse world, over 150 years after “The Collapse”, in the year 2257 CE. No one knows exactly what happened, beyond that it was a disease of some sort. This disease killed nearly 40% of the world’s population, causing massive destabilization of governments and the ensuing mess of violence and conflict whittled down the world’s population to only 5% of the population before “The Collapse”. 75% of those who weren't killed were mutated and the rest were immune to the bacteria.

The mutated people, known as mutations, had suffered partial skin necrosis, loss of hair color, and other small physical changes, but the main mutation was in their mind. Mutations had an increased vulnerability to insanity, paranoia, and extremely short temper. Despite these differences, mutations were still similar enough to humans that they could interbreed and produce offspring of both the human and mutation genome.

Eventually, society grew again in places all over the world as it stabilized and anarchy ceded to order. Flash forward to 2257 CE, in the old capital city of the USA. A powerful and disturbed dictator, Davos Kaledin, has taken control of The Kalders, the only big organized nation-state in the area. Davos has instituted policy to make humans second-class to mutations. The Scarred, a self-proclaimed resistance group, had launched a failed revolution against Davos in 2254, incurring massive losses on both sides. Now, The Scarred lives in the less-traveled areas of the city and in the forests, utilizing guerrilla tactics to try to keep Davos on his toes.

Kyle Rogers, an ex-special ops soldier from before The Collapse, has been woken up from cryostasis by a young human woman named Tori. He quickly learns of a massive underground Cryostation which holds thousands of humans from before “The Collapse” in cryostasis, and he has to power up a series of four relays before opening the station himself.

But, it won’t be long before Kyle realizes there is more to this world than his mission and that the secrets of this world are more dangerous than the bacteria that caused “The Collapse” in the first place.

Wake Up Call will focus on bringing the world to life, portraying strong characters in a realistic post-apocalyptic scenario, and teleporting the player into the shoes of Kyle Rogers. Wake Up Call aims to set a new mark in indie game development, utilizing the power of the Unreal Development Kit to bring amazing art, wonderful storytelling, and immersive gameplay all into one epic adventure that any and all sci-fi fans will just need to have.

2 years of Concept Art experience in either games or film.
A strong portfolio demonstrating attention to detail and exceptional skill in environmental concept art.
Other artistic skills are considered a plus.

That's all for this post. You can check out more about the game here:
Facebook page:
Or, you can contact us to get some more info about the game and the position.

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