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we have a Team of 2 People (Organizer/Mapper and Coder) working on a Game Called "Resident Evil Valiant" a Mod about a Zombie Apocalypse set Today, wich is Codingwise already mostly finished, and needs some changes described below or by contacting us.

the Game features a whole set of new Features and HD Effects/Textures/Models/Sprites aswell as new Exciting Gameplay like a Time-Survival System for Maps.

what do we need? we are looking for a Coder Experienced with the Goldsource Engine that likes to Find or help with some small but Complicated Changes

The Code is about 60-80% Finhshed depending on the size of the codechanges, wich include a small IFF system, a new weapon, a Time-Counter and a Textsystem to display textfiles apart some smaller stuff but thats up to the coder to decide how long it would take or how much he could do :)

we offer a place in the Game-Credits, the website and the Credits.txt aswell as our Thanks for the great work provided for our Game.

Contact? mail me on Moddb :)

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mail me here :)

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