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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Artists

Posted by DW_Ant on

I’m an experienced Unreal developer and I’m working on a side project. I’m looking for an animator that can add a few placeholder animations to the default UDK skeletal mesh.

Your main task in this role will be to create a few melee attack animations for weapons such as a sword.

This project is still early in the development process. Details in the design are being fleshed out, and your work will help decide the direction of the project. Animations for our proof of concept combat system are essential to make further design decisions. If the prototype is successful, then there will be further opportunities for more work as a 3D artist/animator.

Requires knowledge of software such as Maya / 3DSMax or equivalent.
Experience with the Unreal Engine’s Anim Sets and Anim Trees is preferred.

This position is not for-pay.
If you're interested, please E-mail me at ant@spamvikings.

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