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Level Designer at Westfield Interactive (Working over the internet)

Westfield Interactive is a young Interactive Entertainment team currently working on a global scale over the internet. We strive to create compelling, unique games that aren't afraid to try new things. Our main goal is to develop video games with interesting stories and strong atmospheres that will make the experience linger in the player's head. Using the critically acclaimed Source Engine, Westfield Interactive hopes to create interesting and intuitive modifications.

Working with the Game Designers, concept artists and modellers (and using the Hammer level editor), you will create the physical levels the player will roam. You have the important role of creating the first and last impressions of the game. The job will last until a few months after the modification is released, just in-case additional glitches are found. Although you will not be paid, the levels you develop for us are yours, you can proudly display them in portfolios when applying for future jobs in the industry.


• Understanding of Source Hammer editor
• Ability to work with scripted events
• Previously made maps in Hammer, displaying the use of scripted events if possible
• Willing to work with others to create interesting and unique levels
• Skills in making complex puzzles

You don't need to have worked in another development/modification team, you just need to show us that you are up for the challenge. Send us both finished and unfinished images of maps/videos of maps/map files that you've developed. Also, let us know what you think Westfield Interactive is all about and why you want to work for us.

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