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Here at Infinity, we are constantly pushing to try new things and as a mapper, you must expect this. We expect full co-operation but that doesn't mean we're going to tell you what to do. We like our mappers to do things their way, if it works for you, it works for us.

At Infinity you will be working currently with UDK. We won't be taking on any mappers that do not use UDK at this current moment, sorry for that. This is because there would be no work for you.

--What we expect

- We would like to see some previous samples of your work.

- Good at their job and enthusiastic about it.

- Can work well in a Team.

--What we prefer

- We mostly prefer mappers who have worked on a project before.

- Mappers who can create their own textures and materials to use. (Self inefficiency!)

If you'd like to know more, please visit

If you'd like to apply, you can either go to our forums by clicking the above link, please take the time to read through that topic. Or on the other hand you could always send your application in an email to us at

Response Times:

Email - Maximum of 12 hours

Forums - Maximum of 8 hours

To Apply

Send a resume to or alternatively you can head over to our applications forum.

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