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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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Hello, I am looking for a level designer for my new game. It's a fun little fps game that will have a cool feature. Contact us for future information! We want a person that are 13+ years old. This is a non-paid job so you won't get any money unless the game gets big. Please contact us as soon as you see this post.

Skills needed:
You'll need to know how to use a program that lets you create 3D objects and make it render correctly, the levels should be pretty big so you'll need to put alot of work in the creating of the level.
You can be where ever you want in the world, as long as you have a stable internet connection.
Others in the company:
Right now it's only me, the CEO.
Feel free to leave any questions in your application, we will respond to them with an e-mail.

We will be sure to reply to every application we get.

Please state the following things in your application:

- Age
- Name
- Location
- Time zone
- Experience
- Gallery (If you have one)
- When can you work?
- How fast are you.
- Work e-mail and/or skype.

Good luck!

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