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Location: Anywhere, Seattle - Looking for: Programmers

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Looking for an IOS capable programmer, hopefully in the Seattle area for some tweaks and a reskin of a very simple source code. Hoping to have the game out of the door by Juy 1st, and hoping to meet someone that I could collaborate with on future games.
I got a source code for a game based on the classic board game/toy "simon" and I'm looking to adapt it into a sort of dance based memory game, wherein a character sprite does a sequence of dance moves and the player must repeat the sequence.

price is a big consideration for me, and even bigger, if you are in Seattle, I very much want to meet you. I would really prefer to work with someone that I can meet face to face.

my online portfolio is
and here is a link to a game that I was involved in reskinning

-Dan Miller

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Anywhere, Seattle
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