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Require Illustrator (SVG) artist for immediate start. The successful applicant will produce a library of vector graphics for use in an upcoming independent game release. Accurate concept artwork provided and it is to be skilfully translated into vector graphics.

The ideal applicant will have the following skills:
- Aware of SVG standards and limitations.
- Able to effectively shade using opacity effects. *important*
- Produces optimized SVG (minimal points, referencing, layer linking etc)
- Can create interchangeable and colourizable art assets.

These graphics are to be used in a game so its critical you adhere to specific guidelines including orientation, grouping, naming, shading and composition. A thorough PDF outlining these will be provided.

Project Scope.
The game has a "vintage"/"Steampunk" feel. The applicant is to produce:

Interface Elements
- A vector version of the game logo.
- Wooden floor and carpet cascading tiles.
- A GUI element that wraps around the avatar.
- A GUI element for a horizontal slider.
- 3 various application icons.

Poker Elements
- A poker table.
- Poker chips of varying value and colour.
- A dealer button.
- Highly detailed card suits and a low resolution version.
- 3 full sets of playing cards: High detail (includes pictures for J,Q,K), low detail and an icon version.

Player/Item Elements
- 2 base bodies (includes underwear and simple face). (1 male, 1 female)
- 32 hair styles. (16 male, 16 female)
- 8 facial hair styles.
- 16 complete outfits. (8 male, 8 female) Can include jacket, shirt, pants and shoes.
- 3 additional complete outfits.
- 16 hats (8 male. 8 female)
- 16 face accessories (glasses, masks etc) (8 male, 8 female)

Be aware, *half these items are just gender variations* and may only require simple modification of the first to complete. Most items are very simple and will only require 3 shades and few paths. The exception are the complete outfits - these are reasonably detailed and are expected to be produced at your highest quality.

We have a small budget so I can provide you reasonable payment.
If satisfied with your work, we will contact you again in the future with similar work requests.
Your loyalty will result in future contracts and increased wages.

If you have done game or character design before, please attach examples.
If you have done SVG design before, please attach examples.

Successful applicant must sign a non-disclosure agreement.

All applicants will be informed by the end of February, 2012.

Thank you and good luck.

Sam Edge
Double Edged Software®

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