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Posted by IDYM on Apr 9th, 2014

IDYM looking for Programmer
About I Drink Your Milkshake
We are new indie team focusing on the development of our first game.
Since we now have our hands on the finished screenplay, which the game is based on, we are looking for a programmer with original ideas, able to adapt the mechanics required.

About the project
Our project is a first-person game with adventure elements and strong story, currently focusing on singleplayer experience, using an engine like UDK, Cryengine ect.
The game's story is based on the town of Bristol in a post-apocolyptic type scenario with a twist to the more conventional idea of video games.
After the release of the demo (which will initiate a kickstarter for the full game project funds) work will start on the full game which will be seperated into 2 chapters, the result being the game demo, the 1st full game and its sequel.

About the position
This is a position for a gameplay/AI programmer, who can work with udk engine. The work can be done remotely, contact being kept using Skype, Email, Phone etc.
Potential candidate must have previous experience programming with UDK or a similar engine.

General requirements
- High working ethic standards is a must (there is always the time in a day to work on the project, even if it's just couple of hours a day);
- Being like Russel Crowe in the movie A beautiful Mind. Possibly without all the pigeon things. (in other words, someone with original ideas.)
- Ability to focus and follow directions;
- Desire to learn new technologies and ability to learn it in a relatively short period of time;
- Ability to communicate efficiently in English; (you don't have to be a native speaker)
- Ability to work online (having stable Internet connection is required);
- Strong reasoning, analytic and math skills;
- Ability to evaluate problems and find working solutions;
- Knowledge of UDK;

Project's specific requirements
Required skills:
- Familiarity with UDK engine;
- Understanding of gameplay systems;

Credits for the demo and a share in the profits of the full game;

To Apply
Please send your resume (no matter how short it might be, PDF format) and links to examples of your previous work if applicable (games, mods you worked on, other projects you participated in, etc.) to

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