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Posted by MSwartz on

I am in need of someone who is familiar with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games and the way they use shaders or can quickly learn.
You need to be proficient in HLSL, and having the knowledge to convert GLSL to HLSL would also be very helpful.

This will be for a STALKER:Call of Pripyat mod and will need to modify both existing shaders as well as create new ones for DX9 & DX10 (many people get confused and don't think you can make new shaders for this Stalker game, but yes you can).

At a minimum there is a Screen Space Directional Occlusion shader written in GLSL that needs to be re-written in HLSL and made to work with the format Stalker formats shaders, and need to modify an existing DOF shader to add a Bokeh effect.
Basically if someone is at least willing to do these two things I could settle for that.

This mod team currently exists of myself and soon two members of the Misery 2 development team who will go un-named for now.

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You can send me a message here through ModDB or send an email to

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