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I want to create a multiplayer version of the great game Dwarf Fortress but in a isometric style like Gnomoria, because the game has great potential for a multiplayer game. Either you play on one map with different spots and battle each other or you play in a team against NPC's.

You will be handling all the coding of the application. You will be responsible for both the client game application and the server-api for storing player and game state information. You will need to implement a framework and pipeline for smooth interaction with both the graphic artist and the level design. Because the game is pixel styled and isometric, the programming should be easy. You need to be able to work with unity.

- Have at least some experience and passion for the development of games
- Have some skills in the unity engine
- Be able to code like a beast
- Be able to cooperate with other developers within the team
- Be passionate about games like Dwarf Fortress, Gnomoria or Stonehearth
- Be able to set up the base for the economy of the game

The revenue depends on the outcome of the project. As we all are a starters in the industry we are sharing the outcome depending on the amount of work each developer spends on the project. The game will be free to play, and there will be different races, biomes and maps, that will have to be purchased to enhance the game experience.

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Please feel free to send us your resume on and tell us, how we can profit from each other.

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