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We are looking for a game designer who is versatile in getting the concept level into full details version of the game. An ideal candidate should:
1) be creative, imaginative and original
2) be able to set the rules of the game
3) be fluent in a number of software packages

Introducing ourself, we are a group of game developers who have professional game industry experience. We are forming a team to venture into game and other application production.

At present we have already made a simple android game to test out the various marketing strategy and also help us to form a cohesive team. This game is in alpha stage and will be released to google store in couple of weeks time.

Our aim is to create simple games in the begining, analyzing our team strength, building on what we done and make more fun games for the users to experience. Every member will have the option of putting there views and ideas. In the end what the team and existing marketing scenario demands will evolve into prototype and full life cycle production.

It's not a paid position for now, the scenario will change in future.

Please share your resume and portfolio while applying for the post. Also fresh graduate game designers are welcome to apply.

More information will be shared with contacted persons :)

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