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Hello, I'm making a game with some friends. The team currently has around 10 members, but only about five of us are active regularly.

We currently need some active animators, and I also need environmental modelers.

Here's a video of the engine in its current state, we built it from scratch.

For animations/models, we use our own modified SMD format, so basically you'd just have to export your work in SMD.

The game itself is a "Dark Devil May Gear Solid Cloud" type deal.

I'm taking the synthesizing and randomly generated dungeons from Dark Cloud, certain sneaking elements from Metal Gear Solid, the combat system of Devil May Cry, and the movement system of Prototype and putting them all in one game.

So far, the dungeons and synthesizing are done, the fighting engine is ready for animations (it's a limb based system, limbs can be damaged and once we get more models, torn off.)

Also, we have AI that's capable of multiple states, and there's currently 6. This is contrary to Skyrim where there can only be one state at a time, and there's only three. The AI also uses it's own decision tree type system.

Anyway, if you're interested, let me know on here, or you can contact me on Skype at SkyAphid. I'd love to work with you. :)

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