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Posted by pixelissue on Jun 25th, 2015

The Pixel Issue are looking for an environment artist, for our spy vs spy game, Hide and Shriek Mansion. Immediate start - please email or PM us your portfolio and rates. This will be a part-time position, with potential full time work in the future.

While we have a lot of assets already created, some still require additional modeling and texturing, and we'd like to create some new rooms and scenes for our official game.

we are looking for an artist to create low poly assets and environments with hand painted textures in Unity 5.

We're aiming for a low poly, cartoon style, such as in:

Day of the tentacle:
Disney’s Guilty Party:
Luigi’s Mansion:
Zack & Wiki:

A good example of the type of artist we'd be looking for is someone that produces content like this:

More details on the game at

Hide & Shriek Mansion is a work in progress multiplayer game in Unity 3D, which will combine spy vs spy and hide n' seek. Spies and thieves vs guards and janitors, trap setting gameplay, fully navigable environments including climbing drainpipes, through windows, airvents and chimneys! We're aiming for a low poly 2.5D style of graphics, 1 squirt squid ink, a pinch of stealth gameplay and lots of cartoon violence!

To Apply

please send your portfolio and/or showreel to

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