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The Dark Mod team is looking for some assistance getting the project ported to the Dhewm3 branch of Doom 3. In addition, it would be great if new rendering features, fixes, or optimizations were added to the project.

While we "currently" do not have any financial incentive to offer, The Dark Mod is a large notable project that has been featured in almost every major gaming and technology site (Slashdot, PCGamer, RPS, Kotaku, Joystiq, etc). This especially true now with continued comparisons between our project and Thief 2014. Several old core members have gone on to industry positions, including Dram (Martin Melicharek) who now works for Bohemia Interactive:

In short, the industry will notice if you contribute to The Dark Mod.

To Apply

Please visit and post in the "I want to Help" forum.
We currently do not have a git repo but our last SVN sources are available here:

We ask that you submit small test patches or present technical demo builds if possible.

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