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Hello. I am the lead writer and environmental artist on the Maker's Lair team, as-well as the General Manager (Project Leader)

- We're looking for the talented, this time; in-terms of session directing. We are looking for experienced directors, those who devote to their work and will passionately assign themselves to work and the creation of quality content. We'll start by explaining roles, then We'll speak about benefits and payment, then requirements, then final notes:

#1 - Role:
Your role would consist of directing Voice Over/ Acting sessions with VOs. This will include attending all Voice work sessions and helping the writer & main director with the situation. You will need to assist the managing director with the explanation of scenes, commenting on lines, giving-out notes about dialog change or scene edits, along with managing the team of voice actors, this will include keeping track on them, themselves, making notes or logs about ideas or changes to script or post-sessions. You will be accompanied by the Writer, managing director and possibly; the directive art stylist - for notes.

#2 - Benefits:
At this moment in time, we are not willing to pay you for your efforts, all-though, we have many other forms of compensation. These include;
Credits, Ability to add experience to CV (Resume`), recommendations by a licensed Game Studio, Written Reference and the possibility of financial payment in the future [2]. We also offer career advice and general advice on applications to other Studios, as a payment for production.

#3 - Requirements:
We require a large skill set in the mentioned art. These include:
The ability to associate yourself with the Voice Actors on a friend-bases and work closely with them to engage more of an understanding and trust. You'll be managing talented actors who will be performing riveting scenes, we has directors must represent professionalism, whilst becoming friends and work-colleagues.

We also require you have the knowledge of general scene and performance direction.

#4 - Final Notes:
We will gladly explain our hiring process, when requested. Please contact the e-mail below if you feel as-if you could help with our project. You will be working on a part-time bases that will begin with around 15 hours of work. Your schedule will then start to be independently managed and you will be asked to work on a slower or faster bases. Time-frame is an adaptable network entity for our team, we will adapt to your needs, and we hope you will respect this method in return.

I, as the Project Leader & Manager, hope to see a CV in an e-mail from you, you sound like an amazing reader(!) Thanks very much for reading, hope very much to hear from you.

~Callum Sharp, Hiring Manager and PL, ML 013 (WEBF)

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Anywhere - Form of communication through Skype may be required
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