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I'm looking for an AI programmer with CryEngine 3 experience to program some basic human AI. This is a paid job, $500 US upon completion. The AI will need a few states (unconscious, wounded, fleeing, drunk, sleeping, at ease, suspicious, and alert/attacking) as well as behaviors for all of them. The drunk state can combine with and affect other states (will make the AI less alert, less accurate when shooting, etc).

In combat the AI will need to be able to accurately fire and hit targets within 100 meters in a matter of seconds, and provide harassing/suppressing fire to targets up to 300 meters away. In other words, I need semi-realistic AI that can kill from quite long ranges if you do not keep in cover or out of sight.

More information will be available on request, just email if you have any questions. Payment will be made with paypal, you must have a verified account to receive payment. Thank you for your time.

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