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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Level Designers

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In order to create Oblivionauts, our team needs help from you and the Skyrim modding community. To create the Realms, we are in need of level-designers who can create Interiors or Worldspaces. Experience in the creation of either one will help us, but a Worldspace designer will be needed for the Realms. Level-designers will work with the artists and story-designers to create the maps, and integrate their details. Dearthwit Spire and the Citadel's (read the Release Plan section of the mod's description) maps, characters, and stories have already been largely designed, but their locations have not been created.

You can read more about our project at our Mod DB page.


1. Experience with level-creation in the Creation Kit tool.
2. When applying, you must provide us with examples of previous work.
3. Preferably have experience in creating Worldspaces.
4. Be willing to work in a team, and co-operate with other developers.

To Apply

Please post in our ModDB forums or message us.

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