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Artists located Europa.

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We are a group currently consisting of two programmers and one tester and are looking for someone that adds some pepper in our visuals.

You should be experienced with creating concept arts and 2D scenes, objects, menus and figures/animation. In addition, it would be great, if you are a team player but capable to work independently. It is really important that we can trust you, to keep your deadlines the same way, as you can trust us to keep ours. You are going to be a full team member, so you can bring your self in.

We currently develop a sports game that is based on artificial intelligence training. You teach your players how to play the game and you focus on strategic decisions during the match.

As we use the agile methodic, we meet about two times a week for scrum meetings. Therefore, the time zone you live in should not differ too much from GMT+1 so you can take part of it. We use open source tools for communication, so no extra registration for any service is required (irc +mumble).

We cannot provide you with a paid job, but never the less we celebrate a BBQ periodically, so you may join us then (would be less expensive if you live in central europe). In the end the game will be provided as a free game, so there will also be no funds to pay you (but we will again celebrate ;) ) In addition, we try to follow the agile methodic within our project which is an upcoming way to manage such projects, so you may get some experiences with this.

To Apply

In case you are interessted just write a mail to hecht(at) or join our irc channel #m3g4p34r on quakenet (use to chat directly from your browser without registration)

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