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Posted by on Jun 17th, 2014


My name is Justin and I am the Project Lead for INT and also the founder of Starboard Games LLC.

Our project is a Sci-Fi, RPG that will take place in a fully 3D modeled city. We will have roguelike and western elements to the game. I am currently looking for a Concept Artist to join our team and work on developing concepts for props, weapons, armor, characters, environments based on general descriptions and reference photos. You will work with three other concept artists that we already have on the team in tangent. I would also like for you to be able to commit some time each week to promoting material (that you make and others make) on our social media accounts. This will consist of a like/retweet. Lastly, we have a weekly meeting Sunday at 11AM EST.

Payment will be shared equally with all team members after the company gets a cut to continue developing the game and payment will be pending successful crowdsource fundraising projects. A NDA will be required as will a 15 hour a work minimum standard for full time team status.

Please contact me at or on

Thank you!


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