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Team Seraphim is working on a project, and we need a concept artist bring our ideas to life.
The game is set in the Mojave desert, 300 years after the world suffered from a "Great Purge of Technology". All the advancements of the last 1000 years are lost, and the world is plunged into another Dark Age. The player will be a thief in this wasteland, leading the rest of his guild in a quest for profit and reward.
This project is only a few months old- we have a team of programmers and modelers available, but we need an experienced artist to give some direction to the project. Some character art already exists, and we have a good idea of what the world will look like.
This position will have no regular salary- the payment will come from the game's sales. This is a hobbyist project, above all else!
Thanks for looking into our project, and we hope to hear from you!

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