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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Artists

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Looking For a small team to Help build a game on the stunning new Unreal Engine 4
Looking For beginners in:
Level Design
Concept Art
Graphic Design
And More

Fees paid in profits of the game

Game Blurb:
an advance adventure-survival and crafting game where the main aspect involves diving, swimming and collecting in the mystical and unknown deep, weather befriending a dolphin, getting swallowed by a whale, or being mauled by sharks, players can enjoy both a single player and co-op experience that will put their feet on edge, and put them in the worst scenario imaginable... but how will they leave the vast and un-explored ocean? That’s the challenge. The Unknown Deep put the players in an embracive atmosphere, weather there in the middle of the Pacific, outside Antarctica, or relaxing in the great barrier Reef the user will be able to explore and discover hundreds of fish, and ocean life, as well as birds, turtles and land animals. The game will be photo-realistic and contain amazing models made by my team, as well as great game-play and graphics thanks to the Unreal Engine 4

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