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Public Relations located Online, Skype.

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Starboard Games LLC is looking for a PR specialist and several community organizers/managers for our upcoming title INT. We have the following positions available and when you apply please let me know what you are interested in doing by stating it in your application.

PR Specialist (Lead):

1) Direct the PR department by providing weekly agendas, goals, and assignments.

2) Time commitment of 20+ hours a week to be in communication with the team on skype.

3) Accept positive criticism/feedback and be able to improve either your team's progress or your own.

4) Hold a communications degree or be able to provide past game's you have worked on in a similar position (if self-taught).

5) Manage a newsletter, multiple blogs, forum, and provide outreach to additional online communities.

6) Manage social media and provide 3-5 text based updates a week with a visual update on the weekend.

7) Work with artists to build sketch to finished model videos, manage a once a month team watercooler, record weekly meetings, prepare a weekly presentation of social media statistics.

Community Manager/Outreach Position

1) Time commitment of 5-10 hours a week,

2) Understand the vision of the game and directions of the PR lead,

3) Be positive in all communications/threads.

4) Knowledge of how to promote material.

5) Find ways of free advertising.

Both positions are initially unpaid as this is the first game being produced by Starboard Games LLC. All financial contributions from fundraising and sales will be shared equitably among full-time members (PR Lead) and Community Managers if they are full time. If you are interested in applying then please contact me at the following email:

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Online, Skype
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