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Hello I am the Lead Programmer for a starter studio called Dormant Studios. We are looking for able bodied men and women who are proficient in 3D Modeling, Sound Engineering, Animating, and Programming.

The current title we have begun working on is a horror/action game similar to Dead By Daylight. It takes place in the time of Greek Mythology and you take control of four of the many creatures mentioned in the Greek lore. One being the Minotaur, a siren, King Lycaon (known as the first werewolf in recorded history), and Arachnid a woman turned spider. The game itself is going to be fairly realistic in terms of graphic quality and we will be using the Unity game engine to run it.

Programmers must have a fairly good grasp on how to run the C# computer language. 3D Modelers will have to also have the knowledge on how to rig their creations and Sound Engineers will be in charge of the overall ambiance, music, and sounds the creatures make. We are looking for dedicated people down to make wonderful games for everyone to enjoy. If you are interested in joining please note that we won't tolerate people who are not team players and otherwise rude to other teammates. Thank you and for more information message me.

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