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We are currently in need of volunteer character modelers, script/animators, and Texture Artists. If you're in these categories contact us (PM or email: also if you are familiar with CryEngine 3,3DMax,Photoshop, or Unity it would be a bonus but it is not required. The project we currently are working on is a survival/rpg it's main feature is realism (so no zombies or such) that feature is supported by two factors choices and outcomes. Since it's a volunteer project there are no set deadlines but anytime you have free time we would like you to continue the project. This will be 5 (MAX) member project we don't want to have a huge crew for now if we see it necessary we may enlist more but for now it will be 5. The crew will speak frequently about the project and will often have brainstorm sessions where we gather our thoughts and ideas but overall it will be a chill but working environment. If interested or have any questions PM or email at

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