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STARTUP GAMES requires a Character Artist to join our growing team in order to visualise ideas for our current title Lemur Fevur, our future project SCALED, as well as titles beyond that. The role is tasked with developing the look and model of characters within our titles. A successful applicant will also help influence the design, texturing and overall aesthetic of the characters and the game as a whole through their interpretation of our designers' concepts.

Skills and Experience

1. Skilled character artist, with an ability to work within the digital medium. Primarily, this involves the ability to model and rig a character. Preferably, a successful candidate will have the ability to also texture their models.

2. (Preferable) An ability to conceptualise characters in the form of digital art, using programs such as Adobe Photoshop or otherwise. This is in order to ensure that an artist's character is their own creation from start to finish.

2. Self motivated, organised and has a passion for the games industry and developing games.

3. To be able to work as part of a team in correlation with concept artists, designers and programmers.


1. Contribute towards the visual realisation of the game characters, and ultimately the concept as a whole.

2. Work with the team to develop a unified vision for the game, taking advice on technical limitations from other areas of the STARTUP GAMES team.

3. Work as part of a team and join in on regular communications via email and video conferencing when required.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst this position is unpaid (right now we all are) signing on will guarantee you an amazing experience as well as a share of future earnings from the commercially released product.

If you have any queries feel free to contact Kapil at

To Apply

Drop us an email, with links to your most recent work, at

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