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Location: USA - Looking for: Programmers

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Currently I am moonlight building an Android Unity3D game - and its going quite well but I need a C# coder to really speed things along (learning and implementing features myself, as an artist / visual effects / animator person, is time consuming and tedious.

I'm not asking you to code my game - I work in a studio with another coder all day long and I know how to help solve problems, however I don't know specific languages, otherwise I'd be a one man show :)

I currently already am receiving funding for license cost - if my funding does not reach its goal I will simply fund it out of my own pocket, no big deal.

my goal is 100K downloads, fremium game model, tapjoy integration. if it makes at least over $1000 I am going to consider pushing a iOS version and then a flash version to market, or otherwise just move on and build another game :)

I currently have two iOS games on the market and I have a pretty solid understanding of mobile games. If you are interested in learning these things while coding a mobile game for yourself, please contact me!

All profits of this game will be split fairly :)

Skype: Spiffy10096

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