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Lusipurr's Fountain of Perpetual Disappointment is a 2D comedy RPG already well into development. It was an almost naively ambitious project to undertake, but the good news for you, potential artist joining our team, is that it has finally gained enough traction that what needs to be done is now clearly defined.

One of those clear definitions is a need for hero battle sprites. The battle scenes are a satirical but aesthetically pleasing comment on how some old-school RPGs would have battle scenes with a wildly different look than the rest of the game. Therefore all the elements have been hand-drawn separately. The battle backgrounds and monster designs are detailed, imaginative, and beautiful and now I need a new artist's take to bring the battle sprites to life.

This job would require you to reimagine already completed character designs and create minor animation for each of them (I'm talking ~3 frames). The project is only paid on a deferral basis, but interesting candidates will be given early looks at the footage to get an idea of the high quality of work involved.

I look forward to hearing of your interest and any corresponding questions you may have.

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