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My name is Justin and I am the Project Lead for INT. You can read more about our project here:

In sum, we are building a 3D modeled world set in a near-future universe. This is a Sci-Fi, RPG game. Currently we are looking for dedicated concept artists, 3D modelers, and animators to join our project.

This is a profit-sharing/collaboration effort, but we do have a company in place: Starboard Games LLC.

I am looking for dedicated people to join our community, team, and stay around for the longhaul. Be able to accomplish the following:

1) Sign an NDA
2) Submit an art sample (we will provide the details after your application)
3) Commit 15-20 hours a week
4) work on a team (around 25 people) and under a lead.
5) availability during the week on skype for feedback and praise.

Message me at if interested in applying as a 3D modeler (character modeler or prop designer), Concept Artist, Comic Artist (we have comics in development), animator/rigger.

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