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Location: Anywhere - Preferably East Coast USA - Looking for: Artists

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Indie development team is looking for an artist that can do backgrounds and assets for a game currently in development for mobile platforms. Experience with animation is a plus but not required. Good communications skills in English are required and must be available for bi-weekly status meetings at 6:00PM (Timezone is UTC-05:00) on Mondays and Thursdays.

The art style is similar to games like professor layton and ni no kuni.
The following are links to some of the characters in the game and to give an idea of the art style.

The position is payed on a per delivered asset basis, prices on each asset can be negotiated.

If you feel comfortable with this art style, please send your resume and a link to your portfolio to

If you don't have a formal website/portfolio of your work. Then a few attachments of your work are greatly appreciated.

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Anywhere - Preferably East Coast USA
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