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We are two graduate students developing a top-down, rogue-like, indie game that combines classic Legend of Zelda gameplay with a gothic depiction of an orphanage gone terribly wrong. We are seeking artists and animators to help us develop character art for the game.

Payment/rights: We will pay out of pocket for your work. We're on a relatively tight budget (at this stage) but we want to make sure that you are compensated. This would be a work for hire and we'd take all rights in the work, but we're open to you showing the work as part of a portfolio or exhibit.

Commitment/timing: We are driving fast on this over the next few weeks of April and into early May. Ideally we'd be looking for pretty quick turnarounds on sketches/completed work -- a couple of days, for instance. In the short-term we only need a handful of drawings/animations over the next two weeks. In the long-term there is the potential for dramatically more work over the summer and into the fall, if you're interested.

Style notes for artists: We're going for sketched, gray-scale sprites with maybe some color accents, stylized look. Think Tim Burton/Edward Gorey as a sort of emotional touchstone for the comic gothic look we want to achieve, but that doesn't mean that your work has to look like theirs. The work would be somewhere between 50x100 pixels and 250x250, so relatively low detail.

Style notes for animators: We're looking for animators that can start with work from our artists and animate basic movements (e.g., 4-6 frames for ‘walking’ or ‘attacking’)


If this sounds interesting to you, please email us at with the following information.

Subject Line: Application -- (Your name)


1. Let us know if you can do art or animation or both

2. Short intro on you and your background. One or two sentences, link to a profile, whatever works.

3. A list of your estimated piece rate for one character drawing (again, gray-scale, relatively low detail), or for 4-6 frames of animation of a character drawing we give you.

4. A link to some of your art online -- see note below for artists

5. An idea of your capacity over the next few weeks

6. Where you saw this announcement

(FOR ARTISTS -- we are ideally looking for a candidate who can draw a bunch of pictures of stylized, eerie-but-sympathetic kids; dimensions should be roughly 1:2 ratio with large heads. If it's easy for you to throw together a 5 minute sample sketch of such a character and paste it in the email, or if your portfolio includes similar reference art, that will dramatically engage our interest).

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Please email us at, including info requested above

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