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Location: Anywhere - Skype Needed - Looking for: Artists

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Here at Zearsoft, I am working on my own, and I lack two skills unfortunately which will really not help the development of my game, Liberius. This means that the game could not live up to it's potential, and I would be rather depressed if that ends up the case, and in the end, the game just slowly falls apart.

The things I lack is graphics (Yes, the game has graphics, but it really does not have the best of graphics, and I wish to change that).

Now, at first, pay will not be provided, but I will eventually be considering giving payment once we get a game that earns us enough money. However, you will be given every game we create for free.

When you contact me, I would appreciate it if you gave some samples (2 at the least) of your work. If they are sketches, please do not send them, as they are not good enough proof of your artwork. You must also be very willing to assist me.

To Apply

To Apply, simply PM me, or send an email to stating why you should join me here at Zearsoft. You will get a reply within a day, hopefully, depending on time differences.

Anywhere - Skype Needed
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