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Programmers located Anywhere.

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Must have proof of abilities of talent required to create a game/mod

This project will attempt to make the most accurate simulation of real life combat by using an engine already created, or by creating a brand-new one. Creating an accurate representation of Military Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures requires on the job experience. The only thing I can provide is just that. I have created 3 D models, story lines, and drawings of what needs to be done. Anything more than that, I need help with.

The goal of this project is not only to create something fun and enjoyable, but to develop something so close to real life that it can be used as a training aid for the Military or private contracting companies. ArmA has done a pretty decent job, but they do not grasp the right concept when it comes to actual Military implamentation in the sense of allowing the user to learn how to conduct simple things such as first aid, shooting and spotting, call for fire, call for rotary/fixed winged support, etc. Also, they failed to take into account of propper weapon capabilities and AI. We can easily develop a medium between real life and the modern day arcade-like games such as counterstrike and call of duty, which uses real world possibilities that makes the game fun for the player but realistic in the sense that you have to think as you would in a real world situation.

Every game on the market today doesnt take into account all of the necessary aspects of shooting that effects how accurate you are. I want to be the first to employ an educational game that is easy to understand, but takes into account the smallest details. From the type if bullet you use, all the way up to the way you strategize.

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Alexander Whatmore
United States Infantry
B Co, 2-8 Cav, 1 Bct, 1 Cd
Ft Hood, Tx, 76544

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