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Posted by on Jun 14th, 2014

Campfire Games is currently looking for a talented animators to create authentic first and third persion animations to be used in our upcoming game "War of Rights".

Some of the requirements to join the team are:

- solid understanding of 12 classic principles of animation
- solid body mechanics skills
- able to create seamless cycles for third person animations
- able to create seamless cycles for first person animations

You'll be tasked to work on recreating some of the basic military movements of the era as well as more complicated ones such as reloading/vaulting etc.

It would be a huge plus if you have worked with animations within CryEngine before, and therefore understand the pipeline. If you haven't you need to have worked with at least one other game engine before. You'll be expected to be willing to study and learn the implementation process of CryENGINE as well as willing to put some work into the project.

All of the developers at Campfire Games are working for free carried by the passion for the project as well as trying to make it within the games industry and having our very own game released.

We look forward to be hearing from you!

To Apply

You can send us your showreel at

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