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We are still seeking a 3D animator and rigger of both character models and animated effects for our upcoming release. We are an established indie board game developer looking to move into the digital sphere.

In the short term we are actually looking for some help animating some simple gameplay videos of our board games. These will be paid work and also a demonstration of quality of work to assist with our digital game. The board game animation can be done in any 3D modeling application.

For the digital game, we are in need of an experienced rigger and animator who also has knowledge on working with Unity to get animations setup properly. This individual will be working with our artists and programmer as needed to implement animation solutions for the game. The game itself Is a real-time with pause single player (at least initially) strategic survival game. The theme is post nuclear apocalypse with zombies, so dark and gritty. You can take a look at some of our WIP here on this site. We are planning to initially release on PC. The game is currently almost in Alpha. The components you would be working on include but are not limited to: 3D character animations, 3D monster animations, and animating art assets for special effects such as guns firing, etc. Majority of models are coming from 3DS Max. We have a few characters already rigged with some existing animations that can be used as a baseline.

In addition to the potential board game work above we would need to test a few animations on our models to see quality of work.

We are still budgeting the pay for the position for once we are funded so are open to negotiation. During the next 2-3 months any work for the digital project in an unpaid position until we receive funding. Once we are funded it will start as part-time with the possibility of extending to full time dependent on the funding we achieve. Note we currently plan on crowd funding for the majority of our funding. The great news is we have already ran 4 successful Kickstarters for our board games so you can be confident in our experience with crowdfunding! We would prefer US based workers for ease of contracts but are open to individuals in other locations. Further we are looking for an individual who is passionate about getting into the industry and starting up with a small company with the hope of continuing work on future projects!

Must have:
• Able to rig character, monster and environment objects for animation
• Capable of 3D character model animation
• Skilled at effects animation
• Good knowledge of Unity 3D
• Good organization and motivation (self-directed)
• Good command of verbal and written English
• Strong work ethic and a good internet connection
• 18 or older

• Degree in Art or related field. Skill is more important than education.
• Developed and implemented art/animations for Unity games and/or applications
• Recent (within the last year) portfolio work
• Experience with modeling and texturing to assist with other work as needed

Please feel free to check out our site:

If you are selected, you should make yourself available for a Google Hangout video interview.

To Apply

Please send your CV and portfolio to shawn(AT)greenbriergames(DOT)com

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