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Location: Anywhere (Pref UK/USA) - Looking for: Artists

Posted by WelshNyanCat on Nov 10th, 2013

We are a two people with a plan which is almost solid, we need a person that is good with 3D Modelling, Graphics and or Animating. They will need to be able to create realistic features such as the structure of the characters and model the weapons, items and armour. The theme we're following is a Sci-Fi, futuristic look but with realistic and gorey aspects. If you think you have what is takes to do the above, please contact us at my personal email: or

Before applying you will need to think if you meet the following:

-16 - 28 Years old.
-No qualifacations needed
-Proof of work
-To design something on request
-Have attention to detail
-Be able to work independantly
-Trust worthy
-Good at following instructions
-Not affraid to come up with your own ideas

Maybe more depending on what we decided.

For more information about the job offer please don't be affraid to contact me at my personal email.

To Apply

Send me an email at: