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Posted by on Apr 18th, 2014

Flying-Potato is searching for an experienced 3D modeler that is able to create detailed monsters and simple objects for our current horror game project, and maybe for future projects as well. We are developing the game with Unity, so most 3D modeling applications are supported. This job is not paid, but your desired name will be added to the game credits so the game can be added to a portfolio if needed.

Information about the project:
We are currently working on a 3D horror game that needs simple objects and detailed "enemies" to make the game feel scary. The game is being made in Unity and will be released for Windows, Linux and Mac. For more information about the project please contact us. The game is currently in a very early stage of development so we will not release too much information in public just yet. This also means you can have some influence in the development of the game. You may give feedback, suggestions, etc.

We prefer to keep contact by email or skype.


To Apply

Send us an e-mail at and please attach some pictures of models you have made.

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