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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Artists

Posted by Techno_Magic on Nov 5th, 2013

I'm looking for a 3D modeler and artist that has had past experience with Crytek's Cryengine. You will be working on a game for my indie company 'Terrafirma Entertainment'.

The game is a multiplayer post-apocalyptic survival game which focuses on player banding together to survive the harsh wasteland which they once called their home, or the players could choose to kill other players for more supplies. If you are accepted for the job you will be informed about the project in more detail.

If you are a 3D modeler you will be doing things such as making props for the map, designing weapons, items, player models, NPC's and other things. If you are an artist then you will be making the game's poster, cover art, concept art and other things along those lines. If you have some friends who would like to help on this project feel free to tell me about them too in your application and I will consider letting them join the dev team.

Thank you for your applications

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