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Posted by fragfest2012 on Dec 4th, 2013

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We here at Dark Synergy Studios are seeking a talented 3D Character Artist to work on Wake Up Call, one of the first games powered by Unreal Engine 4. If you have skills and want to get in on the ground level of a game that is going to make it to market, read on.

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Why Unreal Engine 4?
We have a very exclusive deal with Epic to develop Wake Up Call on Unreal Engine 4. Epic is working directly with us so that we can make a great game. This is an extremely exclusive opportunity, not only to work with next-gen technology, but also to work directly with a company like Epic Games. We are truly humbled by this opportunity. Unfortunately, I cannot discuss the specifics of the engine or our relationship with Epic Games publicly, but those who apply will be able to learn more about this. This makes Wake Up Call one of the first next-gen indie games to be produced.

Now, it is important to note that we are still developing our demo on Unreal Engine 3; however, this job posting will mostly be developing with Unreal Engine 4. I explain more about this in the "Funding" section.

What do we have so far?
We have completed our pre-production phase, and we are now well into our early production cycle. Our UE3 demo is about 50% done, and we are beginning to bring content into UE4. And of course, we have a dedicated team of talented individuals who have been working on Wake Up Call for 9 months or more on average, so there won't be any sudden drop-outs.

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What is the funding plan?
The plan is to work up some hype while we finish building our UE3 gameplay demo and some early UE4 content. Then we will take Wake Up Call to Kickstarter in order to raise somewhere around $35-45k to hire on the core team full-time. After getting funded, we will use the money to develop a proper early alpha that is ready to go on Steam Early Access. The release on Steam Early Access will give us additional income with which to continue development through to completion (hopefully sometime in early 2015).

What is Wake Up Call?

Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call is a next-generation sci-fi stealth-action shooter with a heavy emphasis on choice-driven gameplay and story in a unique and atmospheric post-apocalyptic world. Wake Up Call tells the story of Kyle Rogers, an ex-special ops soldier who has been awoken after over 150 years of cryostasis sleep. The world went to hell while Kyle slept, and it has been transformed into an alien planet.

Kyle’s mission is to get to the Cryostation – a massive underground facility that holds thousands in cryostasis – and power it up, but it won’t be long before Kyle realizes there is more to this world than his mission and that the secrets of this world are more dangerous than what caused the apocalypse in the first place.

As you navigate ruined skyscrapers, mystical forests, and more, Wake Up Call will pull you into its world thanks to the amazing power of the next-generation Unreal Engine 4 technology. This next-generation technology allows for an amazingly realistic portrayal of an alien Earth, taking world design to a whole new level, and allowing for a story that is really tied into the environment and the gameplay.

Experience Kyle’s story through a visceral and intense true first person perspective that allows for heightened immersion and gameplay fluidity. Challenge yourself to beat the game’s smart AI that adds new levels of challenge to the stealth-action genre. And finally immerse yourself in a dynamic and choice-driven story-line that will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Wake Up Call will be one epic adventure that any and all sci-fi fans will need to experience.

What are we looking for
We are looking for a talented Character Artist who is willing to put in an average of 10-15 hours per week. While we cannot offer up-front payment, you are entitled to compensation via royalties on game sales (after release) and/or via getting hired on the team after we get properly funded. That said, this is a very unique opportunity to work on one of the first indie games to be powered by Unreal Engine 4.

We are also only interested in applicants that are already good at what they do; we cannot afford to spend time on beginners. That means we are looking for people with generally 2-3+ years of experience in their field (not necessarily development experience though, learning/school is OK too). However, we are looking primarily at the strength of the applicant's portfolio, so do not take the years of experience part as a necessity -- some people make amazing art after just one year of learning, and that is OK. Professional experience is a bonus.

Experience with sci-fi art style is a necessity, as well as experience making game-ready art. That means you must be familiar with making high and low poly models, baking normal maps, creating specular maps, and optimizing textures and models. Applicants must show a high-level understanding of anatomy and have multiple fully-textured, game-ready characters in their portfolio; creatures and other entities are bonus. If you are proficient in multiple forms of art (character and weapon for example), that is a bonus. If you have experience with physically-based rendering techniques (roughness and metallic maps for example) or if you have experience with advanced art techniques for tessellation, cloth, etc, that is also a bonus.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you will apply!

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