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Level Designers located Anywhere, USA Prefered.

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Hello there, avid job seeker and Level Designer! I invite you to join this one for a lifetime extravaganza into...

Evermore Shores.

We're making a game called "In Search Of". It's about a little rat who goes on an adventure into the Forest to find a new home after the person who has fed and protected him left the house they both lived in. What turns into a search for just another home turns into something much more sinister. The games art style goes back in time into the late 90s with the kid-friendly like appearance like the Legend of Zelda on the N64 and the dark and grimy world like Silent Hill.

Now let's talk about the requirements for this!

- Has decent modelling experience to make these 800 Poly Levels
- Has time to work on levels before a deadline
- Is always willing to work on the project
- Has a Discord account
- Has knowledge of how models work in Unreal Engine 4

The levels for this game are very important. You are given a big responsibility for making them. As said before and in the title of this Job Ad, you are essentially making low poly levels akin to those that the PS1 and N64 could handle, with this, you will be working with nothing higher than 800 Poly levels. This should be an incredibly easy job if you have the experience required to make these models. Not only that but there aren't that many levels you will have to work on.
While I shouldn't be questioning your workflow and quality of your models I can see almost all models taking roughly around 4-6 weeks of hard work and effort! It doesn't matter what modelling software you use, as long as I can use it in Unreal Engine 4 then it's alright.

There will be a $40 payment after you have finished ALL models we need to complete this game. (If you did extravagant work then expect an end payment of $90 or more.)
If I come back to you asking for more levels/models there will be an extra $20 for each model guaranteed.

To Apply

Send a resume or previous things you have worked on to

Designers will be chosen after the ad is closed. Must sign a contract before starting work.

I am only looking for Level Designers, do not clutter my mail unless you are applying for this job. You will be ignored.

Anywhere, USA Prefered
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