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Location: Anywhere, Skype needed - Looking for: Artists

Posted by badbadger48 on Dec 8th, 2013

Hello, here at dangerous dominion studios we need a few people to fill in some jobs.

We need:

3D designers *essential*

Programmers (can code in c# for unity3D)

Audio/music person *essential*

If you fit any of these positions please keep on reading. We will not be taking any beginners in the company. We are looking for people ranged from intermediate to pro in their fields. Our group is currently working on one game which is non-profit, this is to get our name out there as we are a new organisation who recently started up.

We will fill you in on the style of games we are creating later first we need to know something about you first. so here is a list of things you must put in your resume:

Field you are applying for:


Skype name:

use mac or PC:

Previous work:

About yourself:

Anything else you may like to add:

*NOTE* You must speak fluent English

So contact us at

To Apply

Send a resume to