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Artists located Anywhere - Skype Required.

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We are currently looking for a 2D Artist who can create video game assets in low resolutions such as 32x32.

We would prefer only 1 artist, but multiple is possible.

You will be working with the Director and Lead Designer, and possibly the Art Director to create Character, Enviroment, and Other Art for The Legend Of Styk.

Skype is required to apply but a microphone is not. Unless your art is amazing you chances are twice as good with a mic.

The game will most likely turn out to be paid. If you are interested in commission we can discuss that. Other than that, there is no pay.

The Legend Of Styk is 2D Side-Scroller game where a strange black gooey substance is quickly spreading through the land of Styk! The people of Styk call it The Infection, although it is much more dangerous than it seems. Anything that touches the Infection has its brain corrupted permenantly to serve The Infection's army, and The Infection didn't come alone... You are a citizen of a village in Styk, and you are the only one brave enough to fight The Infection.

Before applying we would like you to know that the Director is 15 years of age. If you have an issue with that, do not apply.

To Apply

Email with your examples and information.

Anywhere - Skype Required
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