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Who are we ?

We are 3 french people, with one 2D artist/designer, one 3D artist/animator, and the other one is programmer (C# - C++)
We are passionate of our work and we have decided to create our video game project.

What are we working on ?

Our game based on PC, and uses Unity Engine. The project began in November 2013.
It's a Real Time Strategie game inspired by our favorite RTS games like Age of Empire, Caesar III / Pharaon, the Settlers, Knights and Merchants.
The gamedoc is finished, and we have already 2 characters, and 3 buildings. But only one character is totaly finished with the mesh/texture/rig/skin/animation. The others have only the mesh ready.

If you want to see our last video (3month before) :

What are we looking for ?

We are looking for one 2D artist and one programmer (C#)

What is your job ?

2D artist :
As our 2D Artist you will make some characters and building from the gamedoc.
You need to be experienced with Photoshop and drawing.

Programmer :
As our programmer, you will import some mesh and animation to unity, and create the game.
You need to be experienced in C# or C++ and to be skilled with Unity3D.

To Apply

Send your Application to

Submit examples of your previous work by a link to your portfolio and your resume.
Tell us about yourself and why would you like to work with us.

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