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PREEMINENCE online is an indie game project currently in development by sup space.
To further strengthen our growing global team, we now require an additional 2D Artist, preferably with strong technical drawing aptitude.

The successful candidate will be as close to the specs given below as possible.

Required Skills:

- Technical Drawing (We don't just care about how stuff looks, we need you to communicate how it works too!)

- Basic understanding of kinematics and dynamics from at least a Newtonian perspective. (So you get what our designers are talking about when they need you to draw one of our spricklesprocket-gizmonizers!)

Nice to have:

- 3D Modelling skills (Knowing basic controls in at least one 3D suite may greatly contribute to your overall effectiveness in our team)

Looking forward to some interesting applications then! Oh, and just to make it clear enough: sup space is sharing the wealth, unfortunately, there is no wealth to share yet, so, if you like pie and want a piece of it, you'll have to wait for it to come out of the oven first.

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Send your resume and/or CV and a nice little CL over to:

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