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Hey guys, I'm Santiago Aboy Solanes, creator of "Plataforma", a 2D platformer game that lets you create your own characters, sprite sheets and levels (without touching code!) and be playing them right away. It is a free indie game and it has been popular on Desura for a while now.

I am working on an enhanced version ("Plataforma++") which I will try to get on Steam Greenlight, GOG and Desura in the future. This enhanced version will include more levels, achievements, stats and making it easier for users to create and use the already created stuff. I wanted to know if you were willing to collaborate with your art.

List of things you can do for the current version of Plataforma:
Themed sprite sheets (Forest, Lava, Space, etc)
1 or 2 characters to go with those sprite sheets
Characters that while they are not themed, go with the rest of the art

List of things I want to add for Plataforma++ (AKA still not implemented):
Menu stuff: Buttons, backgrounds and overall design
Backgrounds to go with the themes
Jumping/falling animations
Special effects for the characters such as a little smoke when making a jump, earning highscore, etc
Accessories for the characters, so the user can create some characters in-game in a worms-like fashion.

You can contribute to the project with anything of the lists above. To compensate you for your work, you will be credited in the in-game credits, and will receive two copies of Pltaforma++ once it releases.
If you want to contribute in a large scale (doing all or most of the work), send me an e-mail at saying what you want to do, show an example of you work and we can talk about a flat rate.
If you want to contribute on a small scale (making 1 or 2 characters and 1 sprite sheet, for example) you will be credited as well.

I suggest you download Plataforma (it is free!) to get a feel for the aesthetic I am looking for. It would be something light, cheerful, happy. Here's a tutorial that explains how to create characters and sprite sheets for the current version of Plataforma ( ). Vector art preferred but not obligatory. You can also make some characters for Plataforma if you like. I am working so that you will be able to use what you did on Plataforma on Plataforma++ without much of a hassle.

Feel free to post here to show your work, if you have any questions or if you want more details. You can also contact me at if you prefer to have a private conversation.


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FREE download:
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Image album:
Update 1.1.0 release trailer:

Social stuff:
Official Facebook page:
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To Apply

Send some of your art or a link to your portfolio to, and tell me in what you want to contribute.

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