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Location: Anywhere - Looking for: Artists

Posted by on Feb 7th, 2012

We are a team of game enthusiasts from the Extra Curricular community (part of EC Network) working on a custom-built 2D platforming game. Right now, we are looking for any 2D artists willing to work on a schedule. We prefer at least moderate-level animators, but any artist of any level are welcome to apply.

In addition, we are open for anyone of any field to apply to our team, as we tend to collaborate a lot on design.

Our entire team gathers in regular meetings, but cabals of each discipline (art, sound, code, design, etc.) can often meet to discuss their own matters. Our team is currently unpaid, as we have not yet established a business model.

To Apply

Send your application (including samples) to or reply to our forum topic in the link

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