2d Artist/Animator

Anywhere [PAID] Illuminated Games

Programmer for a Classic Survival Horror Game

Anywhere [PAID] Evermore Shores

Programmers and Artists

Anywhere Sinful Monarchy

Network programmer, UI + Game mechanics programmer, AI Programmer

Anywhere LostTime Interactive

[Revshare] Need new team for New Project

Anywhere Rollback Entertainment

[Hobby/Revshare] Animators Needed for 1800s Horror/Action FPS

Anywhere Heath Games

Golden Creed Game Dev Group programming position

Anywhere Golden Creed Game Dev Group

[Rev-Share] Graphic Designers at Vambrace Studios

Anywhere MoonAttic Games

Every Position Needed For Stealth Game

Anywhere Anywhere

[rev-share] 2D Sprite work

Anywhere Crowd Control Studios

[UNPAID] Looking for a few volunteers to help out on a game project

Anywhere Anywhere

[2D Background Artist] 1990's Nicktoon/PointAndClick Adventure background art

Anywhere Anywhere

Haven Revived Open Positions

Anywhere Haven Revived Entertainment

Level Designer Job

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

All Positions Needed

Anywhere Anywhere

LF 2D RPG Programmer

Anywhere Anywhere

[Texture Artists] wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Secret Reality

3D Artist and Animator for near complete game

Anywhere Anywhere

Maya Animator UE4

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

Producer / Project Manager

Anywhere - Distributed Team Cold Furnace Studios

Community Manager & Marketer

Anywhere StriX Interactive

Game Tester / Translator

Anywhere IGS

Game modder

Anywhere Anywhere

Narrative/Game Designer

Anywhere Prosopon Games

Game "Unwritten" needs animators & pixel artists

Anywhere Anywhere

Character Texture Artist Needed!

Anywhere Free Earth Studios

Recruiting a team / Programmers / Modelers / Others

Anywhere Nexus Division

Pixel Artist / Animator

Anywhere Cactus Labs

[rev-share] 3DRPG Fantasy game Looking for Programmer

Anywhere Amusant

Programmers & Engineers

Anywhere - Distributed Team Cold Furnace Studios

Artists & Animators

Anywhere - Distributed Team Cold Furnace Studios

3D Modeler / Animator

Anywhere Anywhere

SFX/ Foley Artist at Fenrir Studios at Fenrir Studios

Anywhere Fenrir Studios

[Unpaid] 3D Artists Needed for Pokemon Snap-style Photojournalism Game

Anywhere Embedded

[Rev-share] RPG fantasy game looking for 3D Animator

Anywhere Amusant

Ennoble Studios is looking for an Artist for 2D Promo Art and UI

Anywhere Ennoble Studios

Looking for a Unity3D programmer

Anywhere Anywhere

Seeking level designers for Fantasy RPG (Unreal Engine 4)

Anywhere Jewel Seeker

Sci Fi RPG looking for concept artist

Anywhere Frozen Wasteland Entertainment

All-round Programmer for 'Zoo Manager'

Anywhere Sifaka Game Studios

Level Designer

Anywhere StriX Interactive

2D Artist/Animator for Indie Game Project

Anywhere Anywhere

Gmod, Level Creator and game mode designer

EU,UK Aperture Innovators Gaming

[Rev-Share] 3D Animator @ Vambrace Studios

Anywhere MoonAttic Games

[Rev-Share] Graphic Designer @ Vambrace Studios

Anywhere MoonAttic Games

Programmers needed for FINISHED game!

Anywhere Foxtail Games

GML programmers

Anywhere MishutkaGames

Recruiting 3D Modelers, Audio Designers, Level Designer

Remote Trigger Apps Production (TAP) studio

Level Designer

Remote Trigger Apps Production

Character Concept Artist Wanted

Anywhere Dark Solution Studios

2D Animator for Platform/RPGs

Anywhere Loresoft

Graphic Designer (Game UI Artist)

N/A (we are a fully-online Team) Epoch Games

Concept Artist

Anywhere Atreyu Games

Animator/3D modeler also looking for programmers

Anywhere Blackwater Game Studios

3D Artist

Anywhere Anywhere

Recruiting Artists And Vanilla JS Programmers

Anywhere Worlds End Entertainment

[Editor in Chief] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Secret Reality

[Editors] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Secret Reality

Character Animator for Lurking in the Shadows

Anywhere WGames Studio

[XML Scripters] Wanted for SciFi RTS Alpha

Anywhere (US Time Zones Bonus) Secret Reality


Anywhere Anywhere

Texture Artist Looking for 3D Modeler

Anywhere Foxtail Games

Concept Artist + Illustrator

Anywhere Sense.Cerebro.View

3D character modeler and Animator

Anywhere Sense.Cerebro.View

[Rev Share] 2D Character Concept Artist Needed

Anywhere Ground Breaking Games

Audio/Music Designer

Anywhere Unstable Design

Ennoble Studios is looking for a PR & marketing specialist, community manager an

Anywhere Ennoble Studios

Texture Artist

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Artist/Modeler

Anywhere Anywhere

Human, Building and Item modeler

Anywhere Dylus Studios

Vehicle Modeler urgently required

Anywhere GameOrchard

2D Artist

Anywhere Anywhere

Pixel Artist for a Russian themed game

Anywhere Loresoft

2D UX Artist

South America EQ-Games

Community Manager

Anywhere NeoCrux

Pixel artist comfortable with animating

Anywhere Anywhere

Great Creative high-level creator

ITALY Anywhere

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